Monday, September 29, 2014


Subject_05_Idea for final project_02

I will use the first prototype light idea for final project with motion array idea. Whole each part will make swarm movements and specific shapes.

Module idea_first prototype

This is the another idea first prototype added crowding motion and shape. When each parts closed that is 0 status and whole shape is broken. And whole each fragments parts is moving independently. These moving motion make swarm movements. Each fragments has approximate sensor like a eye and when people come close, it will react for open that 1 status. In this status, the whole parts are reassembled shape in original status.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Subject_05_Idea for final project_01

In previously process, I found some idea for final project. I made the name "SHINE" for this idea. Basically, this idea is composed with one box module. Some modules are gathered and made the maze. Actually, each module has function for lighting by sensing the approaching human. This system is basically lighting swarm. But it reacts and shines in specific path only like a guide for lost walker in the maze.

Acting by approximate

Shine for specific path


Subject_05_Lighting shape experiment

At first, I try to find how motion and shape affect to the shape of lighting and shadow. The variety of acting are adapted to this experiment like lift, rise, tilt, twist, spread, open and close, and so on. Actually, this process is for finding idea using previously posted methodology.

Motion & Form for light

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Subject_05_First Prototype development & Concept direction

For the last one, I tried to make another new ideas and development with these ideas, but I can not satisfy to the result. Because the technology level can not meet the realization of ideas or the effect of result fall short of my expectation. So, I make decision to develop with one of previous prototypes. Actually, the first one that lighting shape shifting prototype is most popular in vimeo movie and my favorite one. The change of methodology about controlling lightness is very interesting and has much possibilities in visual fields. In these reason, I started to develop the first one.

The shape-shifting concept means the ability of a being to physically transform into another form or entity. The concept usually use friendly object around us for material. In this prototype, it is lighting. The lighting mainly has function that controls lightness like turning on and off. So, I will try to experiment the methodology for affecting to this main function(Quintessence) through motion and transform. And some ideas can make new perspective in result.

Shape-shifting methodology

The original lightness controlling in normal lighting is turning on and off with switch like a digital signal (1/0). The upgraded signal is fuzzy system in controlling lightness. So, What is the new one? How about controlling with physical motion like a real creature or living things? Is it a new perspective? By this process, the main concept has these directions.

Distorted lightness controlling

Thursday, August 7, 2014



First simulation is about shadows. I could test with maya lighting and renderer. At first, the basic shape sphere is used in test. And the lighting place and number are changed in each time. I focus on the shadow changing of shape, opacity and overlap. 

Height 0%

 Height 50%

Height 100%

3 light in height 100%_Overlap

I tested for many situation and  I need the shape test for more realistic situation. So, the object is changed into human shape and the wall is added in simulation dark room. Especially, I was interested in projecting to wall directly from the bottom of floor. It seems like alter-ego in real life.

Darkroom and realtime renderer in maya








Subject_05_Motion array & Idea

Through whole previous prototype, the shape shifting methodology is enforced when it's change is very big or entirely. So, I focus on the multiple arrangement. The motion array is made by small movements and changes of small things. For example, in the nature's swarm is made by the movements of small insects or small birds. It is very similar to giant, big creature and it makes new movements that are very odd, wired and new something . So, I think about some ideas for motion array object to give new perspective to user.
(Motion array, Swarm in nature, Multiple concept need to add)

First idea is for speaker or media kiosk concept. I call "whisperer" for this idea. Basically this idea changes the method to give sounds user. This system does not use volume control system, it just use turn on / off. Instead of using volume controlling, it uses physical distance controlling. And I will use sound pixel for swarm objects. These sound pixel can make motion or shape by swarm movements.

 Hanging version

 Sound pixels

In wall version

Second idea is for furniture(like a chair, door etc). Basically the small and neat movements make large and complex swarm moving in this type. Chair and Gate ideas use this swarm shape shifting and they give some well treated feeling users like a living creature.

Chair idea

Gate idea

This stool idea use password concept in smartphone unlock function. Every each stool moves independently in normal status. But, when people use specific stools, the whole stools make swarm moving and reacting to users. It is like a game!

Stool idea

The last idea is for Facade or Light. Actually, this idea is focused on shadow play. This idea uses multiple light source with one object for making multiple shadows. Each shadows has different opacity and shape according to direction and distance. I imagine if these multiple lighting source make swarm movements, what happen? It will be very interesting I think! It is valuable for testing. 

Multiple shadows

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Subject_04_Prototype test

네번째 프로토타입은 화분이다. 역시나 쉐잎 쉬프팅의 기본 컨셉에서 시작한 아이디어로서 이번에는 인간의 움직임 외에 다른 신호에 반응하는 작품을 구상해 보고 싶었다. 우선 시작은 화분이 가지고 있는 식물의 특성에서 출발하여 그와 반대의 위치에 존재하는 것에 대해 생각해 보았다. 식물은 무생물과 달리 살아있는 존재로서 빛을 이용하여 광합성을 하고 물을 먹고 자라난다. 최초의 구상은 이러한 식물의 신호가 화분에 직접적인 영향을 주어 화분이라고 하는 무생물의 개념이 그와 반대되는 살아있는 존재인 식물에게 영향을 받아 같이 움직이는 쉐잎 쉬프팅의 컨셉을 적용 시키고자 하였다. 이는 외향의 변화 뿐 아니라 존재 자체의 변화로도 받아들여 질 수 있는 부분이 강하기 때문에 매우 새로운 결과를 낳을 수 있을 것이라고 생각하였다.

The fourth prototype is plant pot. This time again, the concept shape-shifting is beginning and I want to use the another signal reacting except human's one. At first, I started from the characteristic that plants have and I think about the points are a contrast to plants'. The plants are different to inanimate object and use sun light and water for photosynthesis. The first idea is the signal of plants affect to plant pot for making change into living thing in opposite character. This change is not only outlook shifting but also the change of entity in shape-shifting concept that makes new perspective for people.

아이디어를 구체화 시켜 나가면서 이러한 기본에 더해진 생각은 단순히 식물과 같이 반응하는 개념보다도 식물 자체가 화분과 동화되어 그와 반대되는 무언가로 새로운 쉐잎 쉬프팅을 시도해 보고자 하였다. 우선 식물과 같은 생물의 형태를 띄지만 완전히 반대되는 움직임을 갖고 있는 동물의 개념을 차용하기로 하였다. 최초의 시도는 식물의 뿌리나 줄기의 형태와 비슷한 연체동물의 촉수 개념을 차용하여 식물의 뿌리나 줄기로 보여지는 촉수의 형태가 화분의 모양과 동화되어 동물의 움직임을 나타내게 된다면 새로운 시각의 접근이 가능하리라 생각하였다. 동물이 자신의 촉수 혹은 손과 발을 이용하여 자신의 기분이나 의사를 표현하는 것이 식물과 다른 가장 두드러진 특징이기 때문에 이와 같은 형태로 사람과 커뮤니케이션을 하게 된다면 식물의 쉐잎 쉬프팅을 통한 새로운 진화의 개념으로도 볼 수 있지 않을까. 하지만 촉수의 형태는 구체화 하는데 있어 정확한 움직임을 표현하기에는 기술적인 한계가 존재하였다.

For forming idea, I added the think that synchronized plant pot to the plant as shape-shifting character. At first, I chose the animal movement that has opposite character to plant. The first try is tentacle usage for making vine and root movement as fast version and then, this will make approach to new perspective. Normally the animal expresses their emotion, feeling with tentacle or hand motion. This expression type is the most different thing from plant so when plant uses it for communication between human, we can see new evolution as the shape-shifting concept of plant and plant pot. But I have problem that takes shape for delicate movement like a real tentacle in technical part.  

여기서 새롭게 식물이 갖고 있는 생물의 특징과 실제 모델로 만들어 질 때의 결과물의 성격이 정 반대의 형태로 나타나는 개념을 추가해 보기로 하였다. 우선 식물은 생물로서의 성격을, 화분은 무생물로서의 성격을 나타내고 있다. 여기서 화분이 살아있는 생물의 일부로서 존재 할 수 있게 된다면 좀더 극적인 효과를 낼 수 있을 것이라 생각되었다. 이를 위해 앞의 프로토타입들이 의인화의 개념을 차용하였다면 이번에는 사이보그의 개념, 즉 인위적인 기계적 진화를 통한 무생물의 개념이 생물의 지배를 받아 그 일부로 작동하게되는 개조의 개념을 차용하기로 하였다. 화분은 단지 식물을 담기 위한 그릇에 불과 했지만 이를 통해 좀더 새로운 형태적 변화 뿐만 아닌 새로운 존재로서의 변화를 줌과 동시에 그 변화가 식물의 삶을 동물적인 움직임으로 도와 줄 수 있다는, 또한 이것은 식물이 뇌가 되어 이를 통제한다는 점이 새로운 화분으로의 쉐잎쉬프팅 개념에 근접했다고 할 수 있겠다.

At last, I want to add the concept that it's results is different from the living character of plants in making real model. The plant has character as living creature and the plant pot has character as inanimate object. In this situation, I can make really impressive result if the plant pot is the part of plant as living creature. For this result, I want to use cyborg concept that inanimate object is controlled by plant living creature through mechanical modification. Originally, the plant pot is just for putting plant in. But through this methodology, the plant pot will have not only the change of outlook shape but also the change of entity that can help for plant with animal movement. Add to this, these whole process is controlled by plant as like a human brain in shape-shifting concept.

  Test movie