Thursday, October 23, 2014


Subject_05_Module test for skin material_02 & Sensor test

The skin surface needs more elastic and stretchable material for natural movement. So, the silicon is used for test in this time experiment. The silicon is originally used for special cosmetic in movie field.  For example, making skin or the flesh of body and so on. This silicon has 800% stretch possibility and is very durable. Let's test.

Eco Flex 0010 from Smoth on company 



Stretching test

The test is very successful. The silicon is very soft and durable when it is fully casted. But, the silicon needs more thicker for making shape in model surface. So, the viscosity controller is needed. And module surface is tested with two shape type. The one has inside wire like an web, and the other is made by just wire frame. In addition this, the sensor is added for making interactive environment. The PIR sensor is installed to find human motion and TCRT5000 is installed to find sitting person on the top floor of chair.

Thi-vex viscosity controller

Vinyl for mould

Web type

Circuit for sensors

First test

Wire frame type

Cast without mould

Connection with module

Second test


Sunday, October 19, 2014


Subject_05_Module test for skin material_01 & Tech test

The module making is needed for skin material choice. So, the part of first floor in whole model is chosen for module test. The part is triangle shape and it has three vertices with 3 servos with real scale. And whole parts are made by laser cutting method through cad drawing. Actuators are using 6 voltage and they have the 11kg/cm torque in 6 voltage.

Whole parts



Gear and Servo

Rack for linear movement

The top for sitting part

Gear movement

The first material is elastic wire and fabric. The elastic wire is for fastening long hair and fabric is woman's black stockings. Actually, these materials are too tight to sustain the tension for servo. So, something new material is needed to perfectly work in final model. This is the first test mov.

Elastic wire

Black stocking

Material test_01

Before the final model making, the project needs confirmation to working multiple servo with one signal between vvvv and arduino. So, the technical test is processed at first. Two arduino boards are used, and 16 servos are used. Each 4 servos are connected with 6 voltage 2A AC/DC convertor, so 4 AC/DC convertors are used totally by external power source in this circuit. This is the test movie.

Two Boards

16 Servos

4 AC/DC Convertors

6V 2A Adaptor

Whole circuit

Tech test

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Subject_05_Schematic Arrangement & Drawing for module test

Next, this idea needs the structure for real moving in prototype model. So, schematic arrangement proceeded from previous animation and shape test in 3d program. The 3d program is good for making actuating model in directly. And this simulation will be moved to 2d drawing with specific dimension for real model plan.







With these test, the 2D drawing proceeded for making specific module prototype model. The module will be first plate in this test ver and it has 7 vertices for actuator servo. It needs the test for rack and rail movement for linear action and structure for standing the weight of sitting person.

The part of Module test



But, the module size is too big for simple test, so I changed the object to just the one triangle of top floor. And I trimmed the drawing through cad program for making real module prototype model. The module model will be made by laser cutting with MDF board. These are the drawing for cutting.



All part for laser cutting

Monday, October 6, 2014


Subject_05_Simulation motion & shape

I need the test for making real mockup for this concept, so I tried the basic 19vertices model with MAYA 3d program. I tested the motion and shape for normal status and reacting approaching person. It needs the motion like a living things in real life and the shape must be more complex. These pictures are the variety of alts for this test.

Starting shape - 24 vertices

Trim the shape - 19 vertices

Making moving rail

Test with human shape






And I tried the animating shape in this process like wave, repeat, flow, bigger, smaller etc. This is the mov for the test. Actually, I have to test more animation for approaching and sitting person.

Test mov

Friday, October 3, 2014


Subject_05_Mass study & Idea & Concept direction

I studied about form making for this concept. Actually, I do not want to make shape by the function of actuator and kinetic methodology. So, I tried some basic shapes like cube, crystal shape. And I added breaking action for making fragments with the variety of methods.


 Fragments test

Voronoi breaking

Mass study

But, there is critical problem with these model. At first I mentioned, I didn't consider about working system. So, the more complex, the more difficult to work. It is very important point to realize prototype and working model. Then I am interested about triangulated tessellation shape. This is the simplest way for making surface with straight line and point (three lines). But it is enough to express completely shape even it is low-fi. In these reason and process, I found new idea for making final model.

 Basic triangulated tesselation

Actually, this idea is my first idea in early process this concept. A chair is very closed object with person in normal life. This idea will give the imagination that the chair treats me very well like human. The chair will say "Hallo!" or "Well come!". And the final chair model will has little movements in normal status like a living thing for reinforcing the shape-shifting concept.

New Shape-Shifiting Methodology

"Well-Treated Feeling" or something